Jackobs – EASY Self-Service Dog Wash Coin System

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The EASY version is a system which, although only equipped with the water supply, suction and drying functions, is extremely versatile and adapts to a large number of applications. EASY, thanks to its simplicity of installation, can be used in existing realities such as pet shops, groomers, dog centers, hotels, etc. or for those who, already having the tub and table available, want to re-use them to create a self-service area.


The system consists of a coin mechanism or a card reader which, via buttons, control the functions listed above. The stand-by function is also installed on this version with which the customer can stop time, for example to apply shampoo.
Price and times of use are defined directly by the owner of the system through extremely simple programming

It is important to note that, since there are no pumps for dispensing hygiene products, the end customer must have the possibility to purchase them directly at the point of sale or from an (optional) vending machine located inside the premises.